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Family Sponsorship

Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, child or parents.


Sponsor your spouse to become a permanent resident. Sponsorship is the best avenue to gain permanent residency status. Sponsorship can be done from abroad or in Canada. Book a consultation to provide you with a personalized plan.

Eligibility to be a Sponsor:

  • 18 years of age or above

  • Citizen or permanent resident of Canada

  • You need to be employed and not rely on social assistance other than for disability

  • Cannot have certain criminal background records

  • Have not sponsored any previous partners within the last 5 years

If you and your partner are not married, you may still be eligible to sponsor your partner if you are in a common-law relationship. A common-law relationship exists where partners have resided together for a minimum of one year and are in a mutually exclusive relationship. You are required to provide documentary proof to establish the one-year cohabitation. If you are considering applying for sponsorship let us assist you in this important application.


Child Sponsorship

A dependent child under 22 years of age can be sponsored by their parent. The Canadian or permanent resident parent needs to meet basic eligibility requirements and provide documentary proof of relationship to the child.

Contact us to schedule a consultation to begin the process of sponsoring your family.

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