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Immigration law specialist living and serving Oakville. Simplify the complex immigration process with an expert immigration lawyer.


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MM Immigration law is located in Oakville. Immigration lawyer, Mr. Matthiew Malaga is a licensed immigration lawyer with years of experience. Contact us for a consultation.

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Is it worth hiring an immigration lawyer Canada?
Hiring an expert immigration lawyer can be the difference between acceptance or refusal. Immigration lawyers have years of legal training to understand, analyze and synthesize legal advice for your needs. Unfortunately, many immigration professionals such as Immigration Consultants have as little as one year of college level training. Also, it is important to choose a lawyer with expertise in Immigration law. Some lawyers practice many areas of law and may not have adequate knowledge of immigration law to serve you. There are hundreds of immigration programs that have different requirements and factors. An expert immigration lawyer with years of experience can assess your situation and provide the best advise for you.

What can an immigration lawyer do for you?
An immigration lawyer will advice and guide you through often complex legal matters but they will take on the task of completing your immigration application. Drafting forms, letters, assisting you obtain supporting documentation, and submitting the application with Immigration Canada. Your Immigration lawyer will then be the point person and correspond with Immigration Canada in case of any inquiries.

Immigration Lawyer Oakville - Additional Services

The city of Oakville is family oriented and we are committed to family reunification. It is a primary way to attain permanent residency. Through family sponsorship, foreign nationals are sponsored by a relative who lives in Canada and can provide assistance to the individual to establish himself or herself in the country. Individuals who can be sponsored under the family sponsorship program include spousal sponsorship, common-law partner sponsorship, sponsorship of parents and grandparents and children.
You are a Canadian citizen if you were born in Canada, adopted by a Canadian citizen or if you acquire citizenship as a permanent resident. If you want to become Canadian citizen, you will be required to submit an application and take a Canadian citizenship test.  Other eligibility criteria for citizenship applications include being able to speak English or French, meeting the personal income tax filing obligations and declaring your intent to reside in Canada.

Oakville has first class post-secondary institutions, including Sheridan College. Studying in Canada is a great opportunity to get a world-class education and a multicultural learning experience. Studying in Canada is the first step to becoming a Canadian for many immigrants since they are eligible for a post-secondary work permit after finishing their studies. When you’re able to stay in Canada after graduation you can get Canadian work experience and this will form the base for your future applications for permanent residence in the country.
The city of Oakville has many leading employers and many require additional labour. For any foreign national to work in Canada they must first obtain a work permit. It may be an open or close authorization depending on the type of permit. You will need to have pre-arranged employment from an employer in Canada who is authorized to hire you in order to apply for a work permit. If you are accompanying your spouse who is employed in Canada you can get spousal work permit. There are various other areas in immigration law for foreign nationals who want to come and work in Canada such as the International Mobility Program, International Experience Canada, Temporary Foreign Worker Program and intra-company transfers.
If you are a skilled worker in the city of Oakville, you can get permanent residency in Canada through the express entry program. The Express Entry program is an Immigration Application Management System for economic immigration into Canada for candidates who are most likely to succeed in Canada. Participants are awarded points under a ranking system and those with the highest ranking scores will be invited to apply for a permanent resident visa in Canada within 90 days. If you are not eligible for the express entry program, you can use investment as a route to get your permanent residence visa in Canada. 


Immigration Lawyer , Matthiew Malaga, works in and serves the people of Oakville, Ontario and the surrounding areas. Oakville, Ontario is a great city with a diverse population of nearly 211 000 residents. Our office is located in the south east corner of Oakville, adjacent to the QEW for ease of access. 
The city of Oakville is known as a suburb of Toronto. Oakville is experiencing increased growth through immigrants choosing to settle in a city that is within commuting distance from Toronto. Oakville has a history of sporting and supporting the arts, Oakville is home to the Canadian Soccer League with the largest soccer club in Canada calling it home. It is also home to an annual Jazz festival which takes place each summer, international golf tournaments and several other events throughout the years.

Oakville's new developments makes it a great destination for young families entering the country. Oakville is small enough to feel safe and friendly and close enough to Toronto to offer everything a young family could want within a short drive of home.

For immigrants living in Oakville and seeking assistance or advice on immigration matters, please contact MM Immigration Law. Mr. Matthiew Malaga is an Oakville Immigration lawyer and a specialist in Canadian immigration law who can assist you.

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